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If you want great nooki, bag yourself a Wookiee

--Jarred Christmas (In reference to having sex with hairy men)

You look stressed Vader, you appear to be in pain.
You need to take a vacation here, take a trip on my train!

--Epic Lloyd as Adolf Hitler - Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler (Epic Rap Battles of History)

Mastered by Muppets

Mastered by Muppets


Nicky Bernau

This would be a nightmare indeed….. #starwarstuesday .

Mastered by Muppets
This would be a nightmare indeed….. #starwarstuesday .

Love Obi Wan?

Love Star Wars?


I lost two followers


Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler 2

  • Darth Vader:
    I'm a certified Sith Lord you runt, so suck on these...
  • Storm Trooper:
    Ah, these nuts.
  • Darth Vader:
    These robot nuts!

Slave Leia, Chewbacca, Padme, C-3PO dance to Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO - Star Wars Weekends 2012 (by AttractionsMagazine)

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