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    seen on potter
  4. akatsukiespada46 reblogged this from metallicash and added:
    I’m having a hard time deciding between Avatar, Naruto, One Piece, Harry Potter, Bleach, Kingdom Hearts and Transformers
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    seen on potter
  7. 024-freeze-it reblogged this from metallicash and added:
    Dammit, who forgot to mention Mass Effect? >:o But anyway, being the nerd I am I’d have to say Elder scrolls IV:...
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    seen on potter
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    Kingdom Hearts. Cause kinda like Doctor Who, you can go anywhere you want to if you have the right kind of...
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  13. falloutphoneix reblogged this from jleicester231 and added:
    bu…bu…but I want all of them :O maybe Digimon, or Pokemon, Doctor Who, Half-life… WHO AM I KIDDING, TOO HARD MAN
  14. buickey reblogged this from riverdoge and added:
    touhou pokemon, pretty please.
  15. letsbloodreign reblogged this from micheal-marian77 and added:
    Harry Potter. I could have hesitate with D. gray man if it was in, but no, Harry Potter~
  16. mike-chimney reblogged this from neef1 and added:
    No dbz???
  17. sinpony reblogged this from foodcourtia and added:
    also true.
  18. foodcourtia reblogged this from sinpony and added:
    Death Note would just be kinda boring, it’d just be real life. Light and gang are really the only ones who feel any...
  19. livingbutter reblogged this from eyeman17 and added:
    hmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my top 2 is fullmetal alchemist or harry potter so…. fullmetal alchemist
  20. neef1 reblogged this from lirpanator
  21. corallia reblogged this from ponykiva and added:
    League of Legends all the way! or digimon, that is cool too
  22. inucestlover reblogged this from ispico
  23. naomi-the-dork reblogged this from robodinosaur and added:
    I don’t know…. Pokemon? Yea pokemon. An adventure sounds good.
  24. afterburner16 reblogged this from pockytheportalpony and added:
    OMG, This is so hard, Star wars, or MLP, GAH! I CAN’T DECIDE! MLP I guess, though It’s hard to choose.
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  28. commandercolette reblogged this from amateur-witch and added:
    always admired how simple...peaceful their society was. Plus no college.
  29. askmadmonk reblogged this from big-brother-axel and added:
    ((One Piece! Time to find a devil fruit! o3o))
  30. big-brother-axel reblogged this from drops-of-insanity and added:
    ((Kingdom Hearts muthafukas! XD))
  31. robodinosaur reblogged this from modifiedme
  32. thecrazydumbass reblogged this from thrownyart and added:
    (( So many great choices to chose from. But I would have to choose the world where Pokemon live. I love Pokemon, so this...
  33. mysterymanq reblogged this from drops-of-insanity and added:
    ((…..Well fuck someone forgot about Megaman! HARD FUCKING CHOICES…Damn it I PICK GURREN LAGANN!!!!!!))
  34. fantasy-of-sanity reblogged this from drops-of-insanity and added:
    ((TheSimsbecausemaybethenI’dactuallylikethewayIlook. *cough* Death Note.))
  35. delerokotheguardian reblogged this from knifelover and added:
    i box all its own. battle field 3.
  36. knifelover reblogged this from drops-of-insanity
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